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Dr Anthony C. Constantinou [web][Google scholar]

Dr Neville Kenneth Kitson[Google scholar]

Dr Rendani Mbuvha [web][Google scholar]

Dr Zhigao Guo[Google scholar]

Mr Kiattikun Chobtham[Google scholar]

Mr Austin Plunkett[Google scholar]

Featured publications:

  • Chobtham, K., Constantinou, A. C., and Kitson, N. K. (2021). Hybrid Bayesian network discovery with latent variables by scoring multiple interventions. arXiv:2112.10574 [cs.LG]
  • Constantinou, A. C., Liu, Y., Kitson, N. K., Chobtham, K., and Guo, Z. (2021). Effective and efficient structure learning with pruning and model averaging strategies. arXiv:2112.00398 [cs.LG]
  • Kitson, N. K., Constantinou, A., Guo, Z., Liu, Y., and Chobtham, K. (2021). A survey of Bayesian network structure learning. arXiv:2109.11415 [cs.LG]
  • Yang, L., and Constantinou, A. (2021). Greedy structure learning from data that contains systematic missing values. arXiv:2107.04184 [cs.LG]
  • Constantinou, A., Guo, Z., and Kitson, N. K. (2021). The impact of prior knowledge on causal structure learning. arXiv:1912.00715 [cs.AI]
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  • Chobtham, K. and Constantinou, A. C. (2020). Bayesian network structure learning with causal effects in the presence of latent variables. In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGM-2020), Aalborg, Denmark. [arXiv:2005.14381]
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